There’s an alternative to falling off the wagon

Make your new year’s resolutions go further with our sustainable suggestions.

So here we are in January, the month of a new you, of overturned leaves, and of pledges to be an all round better human being. New years are clean slates that are great for your psychology, and if you’re really good, for your health.

If you’re still sticking to your resolution, whether it’s to stay dry or eat healthier, all power to you – you’re over half way. But I couldn’t help but wonder what food-related resolutions we could make beyond watching our waistlines, our cholesterol – whatever – which would give a greater chance of success beyond January.

Diets are notorious for their difficulty, especially where extreme regimens are concerned (juice diet, I’m looking at you). With many diets, there’s a finite period to which they can last and an ultimate end where you’ll need to pursue another dose of strict eating habits, or fall back into your old ones.

A more realistic challenge would be to introduce new habits or change old ones that go beyond the scope of weight loss and more towards an awareness of how we use food. It could be to introduce a meat-free Monday; to make an effort to use leftovers; batch-cooking for frugality; doing away with sad desk lunches; starting a food waste bin; plotting a veggie patch; eating more oily fish… you can see where I’m going with this.

I’ve gone for being wiser with my leftovers, to cook more from my cookbooks, and I’ve also signed up to a veg box so we can eat seasonally and creatively week to week. These are efforts that don’t feel like an effort. There’s no risk of guilt, and I’m certain they’ll easily span the year ahead.

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