Digest is for eaters and thinkersDigest is essential reading for eaters and thinkers.

How does food shape the way we live? Take a look at Digest and you’ll find quality food journalism for the inquisitive soul in you. We appeal not just to food-lovers but to life-dwellers in general.

Food is a huge part of our lives. Its got to answer for ethics, economy, business and education to name just a few. It’s a fascinating topic and one we hope you’ll engage with us in.

You won’t find cooking how-tos here because we’re leaving that to the pros. Glossy magazines and food blogs leave the best of us salivating, but make room for us in your reading repertoire and we’ll satiate a different kind of hunger.



If you think like us and want to know more or to get involved with Digest, you can email us via the contact page. You can read more about contributing to Digest here.


About the founders

Digest was founded in July 2012 by couple Laura Day and Dwayne Blee. Laura’s love of food was slightly left of recipe blogging, so she wanted to find a different way to tell food stories. And Dwayne’s love of typography, design and webby stuff led to the online magazine format’s birth.

  • Laura Day

    Laura Day

    Twitter Website

    After studying journalism and finding her feet in London, Laura's love of writing and food collided. Having written on food culture for the likes of the Guardian's Word of Mouth blog and Fire and Knives, Laura's a writer that cooks rather than vice versa. Leaving the recipe testing to the pros, she's taken the other, not so trodden path of food journalism – the result of which you now see here.

  • Dwayne Blee

    Dwayne Blee

    Illustrator, contributor

    After studying everything from professional writing to film and television production, Dwayne spent a number of years working in secondary and tertiary education in Australia before making the move to London to focus on his creative and technical passions in design and television. Besides writing the odd article on Digest, Dwayne is also responsible for the bespoke illustrations you see throughout the site.