What you need to know about the magazine for eaters and thinkers

Digest is essential reading for eaters and thinkers.

How does food shape the way we live? Take a look at Digest and you’ll find quality food journalism for the inquisitive soul in you. We appeal not just to food-lovers but to life-dwellers in general.

When we started Digest in 2012, we wanted to create a magazine that celebrated our love of food in an intelligent way. There were too many sites preoccupied with what food looked like and what the latest ingredient trends were, we thought. So we set about championing the experience of eating – the untold stories – through considered writing and bespoke illustration.

The team

Laura Day

Founder and Editor

A freelance journalist and writer, Laura's love of food was slightly left of recipe blogging, so she wanted to find a different way to tell food stories.

Dwayne Blee

Founder and Designer

With a background in design and video and a love of illustration, typography and webby stuff, Dwayne wanted to create a food site that was more magazine than blog. When he's not tweaking web code, he has pens, paints and Photoshop out, creating Digest's editorial illustrations.

Can I contribute?

If you’ve got a unique take on food from a cultural/journalistic angle – absolutely get in touch. New voices and perspectives are important to our aim of showcasing great food writing.

There’s plenty of publications running restaurant and product reviews – we don’t need to add to them. All we require is for it to be original work, talking about food, eating or cooking thoughtfully and intelligently.

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