Contributing to Digest


If you have a great idea for a piece for Digest, we’d love to hear from you. If it’s a thoughtful look at food and eating then there’ll likely be a place for it with us. Take a look through our sections before pitching – you’ll notice there’s no section for restaurant reviews or recipes. There’s a reason for that. We’re more interested in how food makes us feel; The common experiences cooks have; How the environment and society are changing the way we eat.

We prefer to receive pitches by email. Your pitch should set out the following main aspects:

The central message of your piece

  • Be clear on its angle – is it new, controversial, innovative or a comment piece?
  • How you propose to research the piece – do you have sources/connections?
  • Article length (features/in-depth up to 1,200 words; other articles and comment pieces between 500 and 800 words)
  • We always appreciate it if you include a link to your written work so we can get an idea of your style, or you can attach a couple of pieces to your email.

Include a flavour of how the piece may be written.

Further Info

Our stylistic preferences are two-fold. Longer-form features broaching investigative journalism should be thoroughly researched and attributable to unassailable sources. It should be jargon-free and avoid cliches, with its main priority to be thought-provoking and enrich our readers’ experience. Comment pieces or those going for a more tongue-in-cheek approach should feel fresh, original in its thinking and witty if appropriate. First-person is rare, but if you think it’s essential for your piece, run it by us.

We cater for the intellectually curious who love a heavy slant on food.

Before sending your news release to us, please make sure you’re familiar with the publication. We receive a lot of restaurant review opportunities and recipe suggestions which we explicitly do not publish. If you’re looking for a genuine review, how can it work as part of a larger piece? For example, is your business doing something particularly innovative or spearheading a campaign? And as always, a personal touch to the email is much more likely to grab our attention – we value sincerity.

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