Contributing to Digest

We're after anything that can be defined as "an anthropological response to food". We welcome food journalism that's investigative, quirky, thoughtful or tongue-in-cheek. Our remit is to look at food from another angle, beyond recipes and reviews. We publish non-fiction only, and welcome profile pieces and interviews, food musings, anecdotal quips and harder-hitting socially conscious pieces. If you want to be a part of what Digest does, then please read these guidelines before you get in touch.

As Digest is a passion project we cannot yet compensate our writers (we're working on it). But if you're looking to broaden your writing or beef up your portfolio, we're happy to help (and we'll be great advocates for your work).


Digest’s monthly issues are based on a theme. These shouldn’t be taken as restrictive, but should inform your brainstorming. Don’t be too literal – use it as a springboard. And if you have an idea that you think may not fit into a particular theme, send it to us anyway.

We prefer to receive pitches by email. Your pitch should set out the following main aspects:

– The central message of your piece

– Be clear on its angle – is it new, controversial, innovative or a comment piece?

– How you propose to research the piece – do you have sources/connections?

– Article length (features/in-depth up to 1,200 words; other articles and comment pieces between 500 and 800 words)

We always appreciate it if you include a link to your written work so we can get an idea of your style, or you can attach a couple of pieces to your email.

Remember, we don’t cover restaurant reviews, recipes or articles pertaining to ‘Top 10’ and the like.


Upcoming issues 

Issue 24 – Choices

Why do we choose the food we choose? What does it say about us? This October, we’re talking food choice (or lack of choice) and we think there’s a wide scope for a range of choice pieces (see what we did there?) be it about ingredients, ordering at a restaurant, struggling on the breadline or your choice of diet.

We encourage any writers, new and experienced, who want to contribute to another issue of seeing food differently. Similarly, if you’ve got an idea for a story, or an anecdote, but aren’t ready to write anything just yet – give us a bell; we’d hate to see it left out!

Pitch deadline: There’s still time! Contact us below.

Send your pitch to us here.

Issue 25 – Geek

This November, it’s hip to be square! We’re looking for the obsessives – the geeks – of the food world. We’re taking submissions, ideas and stories that in some way considers the theme, geek.

Pitch deadline: Not set yet.

Send your pitch to us here.

More info


Our stylistic preferences are two-fold. Longer-form features broaching investigative journalism should be thoroughly researched and attributable to unassailable sources. It should be jargon-free and avoid cliches, with its main priority to be thought-provoking and enrich our readers’ experience. Comment pieces or those going for a more tongue-in-cheek approach should feel fresh, original in its thinking and witty if appropriate. First-person is rare, but if you think it’s essential for your piece, run it by us.


We cater for the intellectually curious who love a heavy slant on food.

Info for PRs

Before sending your news release to us, please make sure you’re familiar with the publication. We receive a lot of restaurant review opportunities and recipe suggestions which we explicitly do not publish. If you’re looking for a genuine review, how can it work as part of a larger piece? For example, is your business doing something particularly innovative or spearheading a campaign? And as always, a personal touch to the email is much more likely to grab our attention – we value sincerity.