Charlie got distracted from uni studies by a string of casual jobs in restaurants leading to the point of becoming quite obsessed with food. Now, Charlie likes to eat and tell it like it is.

Waiting for your food to arrive is a bittersweet moment of endurance and patience – until it takes too long.

While restaurant recommendations nowadays come thick and fast, being deliberately denied that information is almost anti-food, writes Charlie Penn.

Successful divisions at the dining table do happen – just look at breaking bread and splitting dessert. But that rule fails once you get to the bill.

Some of last year's food mashups left a bad taste in Charlie Penn's mouth. Is there more to expect in 2014?

Window shopping for restaurants is evolving into a language that reflects new needs, tastes and timeframes.

Holiday food is a heady love affair that craves to be recreated.

Is there anything more slovenly than the public digestion of street food?

Showing a dash of deprecation for stupid cookery terms.

No reservations? I have some.