From the editor

Brand new and investigating brands

Born out of a desire for food journalism on tap, Digest will investigate, question and provoke thought on the shape of food culture in society, in psychology and in practice.

In our first issue, we wanted to explore the meaning of brand, look and identity. How important is it we identify and recognise our food brands? Does the popular kitch of independent food markets have an impact on mass producers? Apparently, yes. Much of this year has seen several supermarkets rebranding their value ranges to something a bit brighter and a bit foodier. After millions in investment, will it reinvigorate these products of necessity into must-haves, and change shoppers’ perceptions?

Not only is brand crucial to products, but also to business. Two examples we’re talking about is Ben’s Canteen and Leon. Both are reinvesting in their businesses in two very different ways – a change in cuisine and a channel for expansion, both as a result of customer feedback.

It’s all a stark reminder of the influence and purchasing power held by the consumer and the company. Brands may have an impact on everything from your corn flakes to your cash, but seeing as the customer’s always right, it’s the ultimate co-dependent relationship.

Digest will be available every month, hoping to inspire debate and conversation on each piece. As time ticks on, we only hope that we’ll grow bigger and better, and perhaps become a cornerstone in food journalism. We hope you enjoy what you see.  Make sure you let us know what you think.

Laura Day, editor