From the editor

When street food is sent packing

It’s been another fantastic year for street food, with the country seemingly in a constant state of gearing up for bigger and tastier things. With so much appreciation for London’s thriving street food scene, cities through the UK are tipping their hats and taking note of just how wholesome it is.

So it was with sadness that earlier this month, market organiser KERB’s residence at the Gherkin was terminated without further notice by the City of London Corporation. KERB’s statement said the market had been deemed “unsightly” beside the landmark building. Given the market has been resident on Thursdays and Fridays since November 2012, the news came as a shock – made worse by the fact no notice was given. The market’s operation remains supported by the Gherkin.

KERBNow there are talks of planning permission to be had, with a meeting scheduled with KERB and CoL on 28 August. A CoL spokesperson told Digest: “Unfortunately the KERB street food market located next to the Gherkin does not have planning permission. We are ready to meet with organisers to discuss alternative proposals and potential ways forward.”

Over 2,500 people have signed KERB’s petition at time of going to press. The outrage, upset and anger of the termination only affirms the importance street food has on people’s attitude and love of the city, not to mention its significance on traders’ livelihoods.

There’s hope yet that resolution will be made, whether planning is approved or a new home is found. So support your local street food traders, and enjoy our August issue celebrating the work they do.

Sign the KERB petition and keep cities tasting better.