From the editor

The future of food

Starting with sweets, the BBC has just announced an impressive 28-strong shortlist for the Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards. The number of dedicated, hard-working and inspirational traders, producers and retailers running through this list is a sight for sore eyes. Quite simply, these operations are championing more sustainable, local and fair ways of producing and trading food, and the BBC’s longstanding awards is a perfect pedestal to prop them up on to promote new thinking.

And it’s just as well, as headlines are continuing to emerge every day over the price of food, the quality of our produce, debates over organic food and of producers withdrawing from the market. Uncertainty reigns.

For this month’s cover feature we spoke to Kerry Rankine of Growing Communities, which incidentally has been shortlisted in the Best Big Food Idea category. The BBC release describes Growing Communities as something of a leader in vegetable box schemes, “now showing other parts of the UK how to follow its lead.” Right now we need leaders in sustainability beyond those looking for political gain. The industry is crying out for change – change to the way the system operates. Top-down heavies are still contemplating policies, while Radio 4 listeners have ensured the cream of the UK rises to the top. Give your support to those nominated and others like them – they are the future of food.