From the editor

Art and food

The two have famously co-existed in paintings and photographs and shows no sign of ceasing to influence modern art, and vice versa.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that art has somehow worked its way into the world of sandwiches. The search for the perfect sandwich is something we probably all share but this familiar lunchtime carb-fest is too often the lunchtime staple, quite often becoming the ‘blandwich’. The British Sandwich Designer of the Year aims to fix all this on 16 May, where innovative combinations will meet at next week’s final, all in the quest for the perfect ‘wich.

With bread as their canvas, the designers (cafe owners, development chefs and food manufacturers) are in pursuit of bringing a fresh approach to a meal so often enjoyed over a computer. And that is essentially the job of a great artist – to bring a new perspective on something we may have seen before, or to wow us with a concept we’d never even considered. After all, one winner made a humble cheese and pickle sandwich, clearly of outstanding quality.

This month we’ve curated our own little collection of food inspiring art, art inspiring food, and not forgetting the tasty and beautiful bits in between.