Horsemeat detected in chicken nuggets

The horsemeat scandal has spread to chicken, with the Greek food authorities reporting detection of 10%-25% of horse DNA in frozen chicken nuggets.

The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) has released results of its most recent tests, which detail findings of horse DNA in chicken nuggets, Frankfurter sausages and schnitzel. Tests on one batch of frozen beefburgers showed to contain horse DNA of over 50%.

The EFET has ordered an immediate recall and withdrawal of the products and says “relevant controls are already in progress.” It added that on its own accord, the EFET has tested the samples for the determination of bute. The first eight results were negative.

The news follows the Food Standards Agency’s recommendations in February that horsemeat testing should be widened to pork and chicken products. The FSA warned that produce may have been injected with waste from the pork and beef production process to increase weight and value.



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