Horsemeat detected in mince in Scottish schools

A further four schools that had been supplied the same batch also had the mince recalled, although it was uncertain as to whether any of the product had been served to children prior to the discovery.

Edinburgh City Council began its own testing in February to ensure a transparent procedure and peace of mind for parents. Councillor Cathy Fullerton, Vice Convener of Education, said: “It’s very important to emphasise that there is no risk whatsoever to people’s health from consuming horsemeat, but obviously we all want to be certain that we know exactly what we are eating.

“This is why the Council chose to seek extra assurance that our external suppliers were not providing any products containing horsemeat by carrying out our own testing.”

On the 8 March, 3663 – the firm supplying the catering contractor for PPP1 schools in Scotland – recalled all batches of a mince product after one batch tested positive for horsemeat, however this is the first case of horsemeat being detected on site.

Eighty-five meat products have been tested from the Council’s catering establishments, but this is the only case of a positive test result to date.


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