Pork DNA found in Halal school meals

“The discovery of pork in these sausages came about because of extra tests Westminster City Council decided to carry out. The results were all the more shocking given the assurances about the food we receive from our suppliers” said Andrew Christie, the Tri-Borough Director of Children’s Services.

More than half of the 7,000 primary students served school meals in the council’s area have Halal chicken sausages as an option as part of a rotating menu. Westminster City Council has requested their contractor Chartwells to no longer use the meat supplier involved.

Current school meals services at the schools should go unaffected as the products in question were not due to reappear on the rotating menu for schools until the 25th March, however concerned parents can obtain a special telephone number and see the list of affected schools on the Council website.

The Council is now investigating how the situation occurred and alerted the Food Standards Agency at the beginning of this week.


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