Farm to Fork trail teaches children about provenance

Farm to Fork, the first initiative from the Tesco Eat Happy Project, aims to take one million of the five million primary school students in the UK on field trips in its first year. The initiative also links with social media cooking channel, Sorted Food, and Google’s Connected Classrooms, giving the ‘curriculum’ a global aspect.

National Farmer’s Union President Peter Kendall welcomed the initiative, saying it would “encourage children to learn more about the important role British farming has in producing traceable and sustainable food.”

A Future Foundation study conducted last year found that 80% of parents say their kids are less healthy than they used to be themselves as kids. The report also found that only 10% of children were getting the recommended five serves of vegetables and fruit a day.

“Most children need active encouragement to go outside their favourite food habits, to try different types of food, in the correct proportions, in order to have a healthy and well-balanced diet,” said Carmel McConnell, of the Magic Breakfast charity. “The Tesco Eat Happy project looks like a welcome and ambitious new approach to children’s food education.”

Schools can register their interest now on the Tesco Eat Happy Project website for Farm To Fork Trails starting 25 February.


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