• chilli-thrill

    The thrill of the heat

    Competitive chilli contests are gaining traction in the UK with festivals, world records and medical waivers. Are you one of the heat geeks?
  • future-kitchens

    Coming soon to a kitchen near you

    The heart of the home is set to become a re-imagined heart of technology. Make way for talking fridges, recipe-led ovens and automatic ordering.
  • frypan-popart

    For the love of crispy food

    The love of crispy food is surprisingly innate and is something we've been working on for millions of years.
  • dabbawallas-full-3

    Mumbai’s amazing tiffinwalas

    Mumbai’s first organic farmers' market has opened and the cronut has made its way over, but what Mumbaikers really look forward to is the city’s ingenious lunch delivery system – the tiffinwalas.
  • food-rationing-4

    Keep calm and carry on cooking

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, as rationing brought both misery and creativity to wartime Britain's kitchens.
  • italian-pattern

    In praise of cucina povera

    The age-old Italian expression isn't a relic of Mediterranean past, it's as relevant today as ever, writes Serena Mariani.


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