Q&A: Sabrina Ghayour

“My perfect meal? One not cooked by me!”

When are you happiest?  When i’m chilling with my other half in my own neighbourhood.

What is the best part of your job? The morning after an event, when the client is super happy and their guests have called them to say how much they loved the food!

Describe your typical day Get up early, dive straight into either food prep, admin, runs errands or back-to-back meetings. Its non-stop usually, I work seven days a week.

Tell us one thing you can’t live without Annoyingly, its my phone. Everything I do revolves around either the email or the contacts in it. Technology aside, I cannot live without CAKE!

You’re hosting a fantasy dinner party – who’s coming? Oh definitely Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Liz Taylor, Albert Einstein, David Attenborough, Marilyn Monroe and probably a few of my own friends so they could be witness to it all.

What makes a perfect home cooked meal? A meal NOT cooked by me, for once! Otherwise one pot cooking is always a great way to get bags of flavour into a meal without making a mess. Curries and stews are super popular in my house.

Complete the sentence: “The meaning of food is…” Nourishment and sustainance. It is not art, fashion or trend-setting. The simple truth is, we eat to survive. Wish we could remember that more often.

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