Q&A: Sandia Chang, Bubbledogs

Restaurateur Sandia Chang talks Kermit the Frog, hot dogs and cooking with her husband.

Sandia, and husband James

Sandia, and husband James

Sandia Chang is general manager and sommelier at Bubbledogs, a restaurant she set up with husband, and head chef, James Knappett.

When are you happiest? It sounds cheesy, but it’s when I’m working during service at Bubbledogs and all I need to concentrate on is doing what I love which is making our guests happy and creating memories. We never dreamed that hot dogs and champagne would be so popular but we are very proud today.

What is the best part of your job? Getting to visit our various producers in Champagne, which I do quite often.

And the worst? Arguing with James.

What do you love to cook for each other? I love cooking Chinese food for James and he likes to cook simple Sunday roasts for me at home, most of the time roast chicken as it’s my favourite.

You’re holding a fantasy dinner party – who’s coming? Thomas Keller, Oscar Wilde, Kermit the Frog, Einstein, and my dad.

Complete the sentence: “The couple that cooks together….” will probably kill each other! But we do really love each other and both share the same passion for what we do at Bubbledogs.

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