Palettes and palates

Food and art meet off the plate.

In a gallery space in Notting Hill, creative minds and those that want to meet them come together once a month for a bespoke fine dining experience. Fuelled by a love of food and art, the dinners channel Debut’s ethos to nurture artists with workshops, networking and mentoring.

On arrival you’re greeted with a glass of something delicate and fizzy, and introduced to those who’ve already arrived. Between the sculptures and canvasses there’s a bustling sense of the evening to come, interluded with a spot of performance art (on this night it was courtesy of Brazillian artist, Sylvia Morgado).

The Italian Supperclub put on a spread themed ‘Fizz & Pop’ – a concoction beginning with an antipasto of chicken lollipop with a honey and porter dripping. In the downstairs dining area among – yes, you’ve guessed it – more works of art, you’re submerged into conversations with artists, entrepreneurs and interested parties. And the Italian artistry in the room made its way not to the walls, but onto our plates – giant cous cous salad with octopus; smoked duck with amaranth popcorn and braised chicory, and chocolate bombs with spicy biscuits to finish.

“For me the Art Dinner is a great format to meet people, to network, and yet still feel very comfortable and relaxed as it is a friendly environment and we are there for an informal meal,” says Argentinian artist, Nora Velazco. “I think the whole idea of an art dinner is appealing for collectors, art fans, and artists. It is relaxed, and we know we’ll be tasting great food and wine as well as sharing a table with interesting personalities.

“I was really looking forward for this opportunity as I felt it would enable me to interact with the guests in a different way than in a private view, in which the gallery gets really busy and it’s difficult to establish long conversations,” adds Nora.

Debut’s founder and CEO, Samir Ceric, says the dinners are rooted in inspiring those who attend. “The Art Dinner concept is very much embedded in the ethos and philosophy of Debut Contemporary, one of the aims being to empower, engage and inspire. Through Art Dinners we inspire great conversations on all sorts of topics; we engage in discussion in a very nice and conducive environment; and we empower both artists and art lovers/enthusiasts/collectors to forge direct relationships with one another, connecting on the level that is relevant, natural and forged with no agenda and learn from each other. They exchange views, knowledge and information and leave the gallery spacer richer, energised and empowered.”

The eclectic mix and vibe of a supperclub with a twist certainly gives scope for the ‘art as a lifestyle’ idea Debut seeks to promote – a halfway house between haute cuisine and an arts forum.

For more information on Debut Contemporary’s Art Dinner, click here.

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